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Bar Furniture Upholstery In Bury

Working throughout Bury, Manchester and Cheshire.

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A Wide Range Of Seating Options

Durable and High-Quality Materials

At JDB Upholstery Ltd in Bury, we are the experts when it comes to upholstery services tailored specifically to pubs, bars, and restaurants. With over 28 years of experience in the industry, we have been elevating the aesthetics and comfort of commercial spaces across Bury, Manchester and Cheshire.


Contact us today if you would like to find out more.

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Transform Your Pub, Bar, or Restaurant with Expert Upholstery Services

Bespoke Detail Work

Create a welcoming and inviting ambience that keeps your patrons coming back for more. We will work closely with you to choose the perfect fabrics, colours, and designs that align with your establishment's unique theme and style. Whether you want to achieve a contemporary, classic, or rustic look, we've got you covered.

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Customisation for Your Brand

Your pub, bar, or restaurant deserves a unique identity that sets it apart from the competition. Our team takes pride in offering bespoke upholstery solutions that reflect your brand's personality. Let us enhance your premises  with custom-made upholstery that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Let's Start Your Upholstery Transformation

Ready to give your commercial space a makeover? Contact our upholstery experts today. Whether it's redesigning the seating, refreshing the booths, or creating custom furniture pieces JDB Upholstery Ltd in Bury are the company to call.

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Contact Us For Bar Furniture Upholstery In Bury 

New Victoria Mills, Wellington St,
Bury BL8 2AL

07957 593078

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